1959 Ferrari Found Inside Hollywood Apartment

Vintage Ferrari (Michael Curi / Flickr / CC / Cropped)
Michael Curi / Flickr / CC / Cropped

A vintage 1959 Ferrari 250GT PF Coupe turned up in a Hollywood apartment recently — right where its owner had parked it decades ago, after cutting a hole in the wall and plastering it up again.

Los Angeles ABC News KABC-7 reported that the car was forgotten, rediscovered, and eventually sold on the exotic car market:

For approximately 30 years, the vehicle, a 1959 Ferrari 250GT PF Coupe, has been parked inside a one-bedroom Hollywood apartment.

According to Petrolicious.com, the owner bought the car in 1975, drove it for around eight years and then wanted to safely store it.

So he cut a hole in the wall of an apartment building he owned, rolled the car into the one-bedroom apartment unit and plastered the wall back into place.

Petrolicious.com carried the original story about the car (now worth about $750,000), in a delightful interview with the lawyer of the man who owned it:

Andrew Golseth: How does one just stumble upon a stowed away Ferrari?

Owner: I came across this car through a client of mine. I had heard rumors that there was a vehicle in an apartment building that he owned, but I never saw it. He was very closed lipped about it. He never wanted to say much until recently. Once he came to retirement age, he started selling things in preparation of moving out of state.

I kind of kept badgering him about it, and eventually, he let me see the car. I didn’t believe it when I saw it. It was literally inside a one-bedroom unit of an apartment building in Hollywood.

He decided the best place to put it was to cut open a wall in one of the apartment buildings he owned and park it inside, completely intact, and seal it back so nobody could tell anything was in there. That’s where it’s been since around 1985.

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