MSM Reporters Threaten Conservative, Ben Smith Investigates the Conservative

For some reason, many people still contend that Politico “has no politics” or is “politically neutral.” If that’s the case, someone please point out its right-of-center equivalent to Ben Smith. The JournoListo über-blogger is back at it today trying to “Joe the Plumber” William Kelly.

For those of you unaware, earlier this week Big Journalism posted video of the Chicago-based conservative talk-show host pursuing an aggressive line of questioning at a Rahm Emanuel media junket, when this happened:

But when you run this story through the JournoList Spin-o-Matic, what comes out is a Ben Smith blog post smearing Kelly Alinsky-style. Politico’s super-sleuth went to the trouble of finding Kelly’s 1995 book on Amazon, and you’ll never believe what he found: Kelly is a fan of noted white supremacist Norman Mailer (the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner who contributed to Democrats until his death in 2007) and thinks “criminals should be made to pay for their crimes through hard work.” Busto! How is Kelly going to live this down?

No one sums up the back-asswardness of Smith’s post, and the left’s penchant for the politics of personal destruction, better than a commenter on Smith’s own blog:

Left wing “Reporters” threaten conservative. Ben Smith investigates–the conservative!

Watch out William Kelly, you’ve just been JournoListed.

We know what Smith is trying to do because we witnessed the left band together to smear Joe the Plumber. Why? Because he asked Barack Obama a simple question. Bill Kelly asked Rahm Emanuel some tough questions and the mainstream media exposed themselves to be the palace-guarding thugs we know they are. And in the world of the JournoList, Kelly must pay for his sins.