Johnny Depp-Gate: The Media Doth Protest Too Little

Below is video from the portion of today’s White House briefing where the press corps brought up the lavish Hollywood-themed Halloween party the West Wing threw in October of 2009. Some in the media are reporting that the White House, fearing a political backlash so close to a crucial ObamaCare vote, covered up the party from the media. In response, the White House is publicly stating that simply isn’t true and that the media knew all about the party and just didn’t bother to report it.

Watch the clip and then ask yourself if the press sounds like they would if the White House was throwing them under the bus with a lie.


If I were in the media and the White House was lying about me to get out of a political jam, I’d be raising holy hell. And what we’re seeing in that clip is nothing close to holy or hell.

What I do see in that clip, though, is further evidence backing up my theory from this morning that the media knew all about this lavish party and willfully covered it up in order to protect the president and the ObamaCare vote.

What a charade from an increasingly pathetic parade of Palace Guards.