Alec Baldwin: Twitter Bully Mobilizes Fans to Bully Bully

Alec Baldwin: Twitter Bully Mobilizes Fans to Bully Bully

Alec Baldwin mobilized his followers this week to attack a Tweeter, @scarfacemadam, who was bullying his girlfriend. He called on his 800,000 Twitter followers to inundate @scarfacemadam’s account, forcing the account to close. The media celebrated this victory for truth, justice, and the American way.

There’s only one problem: Baldwin routinely bullies people himself, and usually with far less justification. Remember his vicious attack on Michelle Malkin after the execution of Troy Davis? Baldwin tweeted Malkin: “C’mon!! Let’s all go Town Hall on that supreme thinker @michellemalkin a world class, crypto fascist hater.” Or this: “Everyone tweet that great thinker @michellemalkin and ask her what killing a potentially innocent man does to make you safer.”

Baldwin’s fans flooded Malkin with violent messages of their own: “Expect us. Sweet dreams, bitch.” “this woman ain’t safe on the street —” “DEAD This woman @michellemalkin is getting dragged”

But Baldwin doesn’t reserve the right to send vitriol just for strangers; he tweeted his conservative cousin Harriet, “@HarrietBaldwin: Put down the shotgun and the jug, Hairy-ette.”

And, of course, there is always Baldwin’s legendary tiff with his daughter, when he abused her over the phone by yelling, “I’m gonna straighten your ass out … you’re a rude little pig.”

Sometimes, going after a bully is worthwhile – Baldwin’s tactics against @scarfacemadam were justified. But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander – and Baldwin’s own bully tactics deserve the same treatment.