Andrew Sullivan: Off The Deep End

Andrew Sullivan: Off The Deep End

“The Chris Matthews Show” is always good for entertainment. A handful of libs sitting around a small table chatting about how best they can get Dear Leader elected. 

Once a week is about all of this anybody can take.

Andrew Sullivan was one of the five (counting Matthews) lib panelists this week talking about President Barack Obama’s debate failure, why it happened, and how he needs to fix it. His quote was one for the ages.

“I think that they (bad, evil Republicans) got into his (Obama’s) head with all this racist stuff before the first debate, you know, the Hannity stuff, ‘look there’s a black guy running for office,’ like two days before, I think he, he, he (has) repression of his own anger. 

“He (Obama) should be angry that these people (Romney, Ryan, and more bad, evil Republicans) have the gall to talk to him about the deficit and the gall to talk to him about foreign policy after their record.”

So, lets see here, so much to dissect with this one statement. Sean Hannity apparently just figured out two days before the recent Presidential Debate that Obama was black and he launched a racist attack at Obama (who apparently watches “Hannity”) and that got into his head to the point that it messed him up during the debate. That makes perfect sense. Why not just blame the altitude?

The second half of the quote is even better. Sullivan calls himself a “journalist” but he doesn’t want anybody attacking Dear Leader. Talking “truth to power” is now “people have the gall to talk to him.”

Let’s see here. Obama’s deficits are five times greater than President George W. Bush’s and Sullivan does not want Obama to be questioned about that. Obama’s foreign policy is filled with lies (lies that the administration knew they were making at the time,) the Middle East is falling apart, and Sullivan doesn’t want anybody to question Obama about that. 

While we’re at it, the bigger question here, what are Romney’s deficits and foreign policy failures? He has none. He has never been president. Sullivan think’s Romney is George W. Bush. Please get some new glasses, Sullivan. 

Which speaks to the essence of the Obama Campaign 2012. Sullivan exposed it. Obama is running on Bill Clinton’s record and attacking George W. Bush. It’s all he’s got.


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