Embedded Reporter: Iraqi People Greeted U.S. Military Like Heroes

Embedded Reporter: Iraqi People Greeted U.S. Military Like Heroes

Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal was embedded with the U.S. Marines as the invasion of Iraq commenced ten years ago this week.  Leventhal joined me and Brian Wilson Friday morning on “Mornings on the Mall” on WMAL-FM in Washington DC to share his memories of the historic invasion and his role as an embedded reporter.  

One striking revelation was his impression of the Iraqi peoples’ joy upon seeing the U.S. military rolling into their towns on the way to Baghdad:  

I got to tell ya, when we rolled through some small towns on our way to Baghdad, it was like a parade had arrived. People were coming out and lining the streets. These were people who had never saw US troops before or Americans or certainly hadn’t seen foreign tanks or heavy armor rolling into their communities and they welcomed us like heroes. They were so sick of Saddam and were so glad that someone had finally, was taking steps to get rid of him. Thats just what they told us and what the general feeling was: These guys had come to rescue them and it was remarkable to see it.

As left-leaning media outlets bring their biased agenda to the post-mortem on the Iraq War this week, it’s important to point out observations like this that don’t get the kind of attention they deserve.  Say what you will about post-invasion Iraq and mistakes made during the occupation; to the Iraqi people, the U.S. military was a savior and they should be recognized as such.