Washington Post's Gratuitous Assault on Ken Cuccinelli and the Truth

Washington Post's Gratuitous Assault on Ken Cuccinelli and the Truth

In a Friday Op/Ed designed to praise Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s tax-laden transportation bill, the Washington Post editorial board chose to spend several paragraphs attacking presumptive gubernatorial nominee, Republican Ken Cuccinelli.  

It would be easier to credit Mr. Cuccinelli if he hadn’t opposed the bill tooth-and-nail when the General Assembly considered it, condemning the legislation as a ‘massive tax increase’ and pushing for a right-wing alternative. It would be easier still if the attorney general didn’t have a long history of opposing serious transportation policy in service to a no-tax creed.

They didn’t mention Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe in the article, but then, they didn’t need to.  They seem to be running Op/Eds on McAuliffe’s behalf with bogus talking points that look like they’re lifted right from a McAuliffe for Governor flyer.  The problem is, their assertion that Cuccinelli had a “long history of opposing serious transportation policy” is at odds with the facts.  

In the past Cuccinelli:  

  • Has supported paying for a transportation bill with private toll roads
  • Was a leading supporter of privately financed toll lanes that would adjust fees based on congestion
  • Supported “Hot Lanes” to help solve Northern Virginia’s transportation congestion

The fact is that the Washington Post doesn’t consider any transportation solution as “serious” unless it includes raising taxes. Since that is the case, it is no wonder they are already doing McAuliffe’s dirty work. If the big-spending Democrat is elected governor, he will surely propose plenty of “serious” laws that will raise Virginia taxes in a very “serious” way.