Roger Ailes Biography Hits #6 at Amazon

Roger Ailes Biography Hits #6 at Amazon

***UPDATE: As of Friday Zac Chafets’ Ailes bio climbed to #4 at Amazon. Late Thursday afternoon it reached as high as #3. The text below is the original story. The headline has been updated to reflect the latest ranking.

The objective, unbiased, not-at-all-liberal media has worked overtime to dismiss the new biography of Roger Ailes, written by Zev Chafets. The media claims to have all kinds of reasons for doing this, but from what I’ve read, it really comes down to their seething hatred for the man who made the Fox News Channel the powerhouse it is today.

Well, I have more bad news for the media…

Roger Ailes: Off Camera” has just hit #6 on the Amazon bestseller list of “all books.”

In a number of sub-categories — business and investing, biographies and memoirs, politics and social sciences —  the bio is #4, #4, and #1 respectively.



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