Breitbart News's Sonnie Johnson: 'I Was Brought Up in the Tea Party'

Breitbart News's Sonnie Johnson: 'I Was Brought Up in the Tea Party'

Of the thousands of Americans who descended on Washington, D.C. last Wednesday for the “Audit the IRS” Tea Party rally, one person who stood out as a fresh face and voice was Breitbart News contributor Sonnie Johnson. In her address, she offered the crowd red meat, stating that she wanted to “destroy the America” of her youth. Her justification? She said that she wasn’t taught the trinity of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” growing up, but instead learned a different one: “Democrats, skin color, and gender.” There was very little “God, country, and family” during her upbringing, but there was a whole lot of “bitch, moan, and whine,” she said. 

She went on to blast the welfare state and concluded with The Lord’s Prayer. Watch the speech here:

While she spent much of her address at the “Audit the IRS” event condemning the American of her past, she dedicated Friday night to discussing the America she wants for the future; she suggested that the Tea Party will have a central role in creating that America. Johnson appeared on a panel of black conservatives Friday night on Fox News’ “Hannity” and emphasized that she was more conservative than Republican because the Tea Party primarily influenced her political beliefs. 

“I’m conservative more than GOP… because I was brought up in the Tea Party,” Johnson said. 

She implied Republican politicians often make the mistake of not focusing on people first. “I am a people person,” Johnson said. 

She said Republican politicians think they can just win over black voters by just saying, “‘well, this policy is good, you should now change your mind.'”

To the contrary, Johnson said a better way to win over black voters is to appeal to them on a more visceral level instead of solely and primarily debating wonkish talking points. 

She suggested a more effective way to get black youths to consider voting for Republicans would be to give a black child a wallet and say, “never ever let a police officer take this wallet from you and never ever let it go empty.”

“Give them capitalism and give them something to fight for,” Johnson said. 

Other panelists like Star Parker had earlier said that blacks should be encouraged to become small business owners, because then they would want to keep more of what they earn and want the government out of the way. 

Johnson said people ask her, “where are blacks in the Tea Party?”

She suggested Republicans needed to point out liberal movements–like Occupy Wall Street–do not have a large black presence. 

“Where are the blacks in the Occupy movement?” Johnson said she says in response to such questions. 

To close out the show, Johnson addressed the violence that is ravaging black communities like those in Chicago. She said, “We are dying. We are killing ourselves. If we do not stop it, no Democrat, no Democrat, no liberal, no conservative is going to stop it.”

“We must stop killing ourselves,” Johnson passionately implored.