'Undocumented American': Politico Newsroom Hosts Illegal Alien

'Undocumented American': Politico Newsroom Hosts Illegal Alien

Joe Antonio Vargas is a left-wing journalist and illegal alien brought to America by his mother in 1993. He came out as such a couple of years ago in the New York Times, an act that immediately elevated his status to “precious” in an elite media desperate to see millions of illegals turned into voting Democrats as quickly as possible. Friday, Politico hosted Vargas in its newsroom for an interview.

You see, some illegals are more equal than others. Every month, thousands who are in this country illegally are unceremoniously picked up and shipped back across the border. But not Jose Antonio Vargas. Oh no, you see he is a privileged member of the left-wing elite; his very presence pushes the “correct” agenda. Vargas isn’t some nobody manual laborer; he is an activist busily performing the important work of ensuring a Democrat majority.

So, of course, Politico and the media love him — the same Politico and media doing everything in their power to destroy Sen. Ted Cruz.

Politico’s  Patrick Gavin refers to Vargas as an “undocumented American.” Vargas calls journalism his “church.”

As a supporter of a path to legalization (but not Rubio’s awful bill), I don’t believe Vargas should be unceremoniously deported. But I am appalled at this special treatment and flagrant disregard for the law. But we are no longer a nation of laws; we are a nation guided by a politically-correct pecking order.


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