Some More Things the MSM Never Told You About George Zimmerman

Some More Things the MSM Never Told You About George Zimmerman

While in Tallahassee covering the occupation of the Florida State Capitol by the Dream Defenders, I ran into a young white man who is from the Sanford area and actually knew and had worked with George Zimmerman.

Like many people I’ve spoken with who are intimately familiar with the Sanford story, he preferred to keep his named off the record. His experiences with the real George Zimmerman and the real Sanford — not the fables told and retold — reminded me of how much the media failed America in this story.

The George Zimmerman this young man worked with was easygoing and friendly. Zimmerman’s grandmother called him Jorge and he often spoke Spanish on the phone talking to this friends or family. The area Zimmerman lived in had become more crime ridden in recent times, a fact known to people in the surrounding area.

The mainstream media has vast resources at its disposal. They have money for travel budgets and reporters and fact checking. Spending time in Florida — ground zero for the Zimmerman case — for over a week now, it is painfully obvious that they squandered those resources painting a false picture to no good end. They could have reported the truth, but they were never interesting trying to find it.