Obama Makes Three Factual Gaffes On Leno… Media Ignore

Obama Makes Three Factual Gaffes On Leno… Media Ignore

It is no longer the media’s job to cover news. Instead, the media manufacture narratives around those they wish to elevate and those they wish to destroy. This is how the media promotes Democrats and attempts to marginalize Republicans. And because the media-manufactured narrative around Obama is that he is competent, the fact that he made THREE factual gaffes in just a few minutes with Jay Leno the other night is ignored by the media.

1. Obama told Leno Vladmir Putin was the “head of the KGB.” No he wasn’t. Not even close.

2. Obama confused the Summer Olympics with the Winter Olympics.

3. Obama can see South Carolina from the Gulf of Mexico.

To defend their upcoming Hillary miniseries, NBC says their entertainment and news divisions are separate. But the only time that wall goes up is when it comes to reporting on Obama’s Leno gaffes. Otherwise, we regularly see “Saturday Night Live” mocking Republicans all over NBC News.

During the ’08 election, I’m willing to bet Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonation got more NBC News airtime than Chuck Todd.


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