Mark Levin: If Boehner Funds ObamaCare, It Becomes 'BoehnerCare'

Mark Levin: If Boehner Funds ObamaCare, It Becomes 'BoehnerCare'

On his nationally syndicated radio program on Thursday evening, conservative talker Mark Levin said that if House Speaker John Boehner follows through with a plan to fund Obamacare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution (CR) that funds the government, Obamacare will become forever known as “BoehnerCare.” 

“Rather than calling it Obamacare, we should call it BoehnerCare,” Levin said. “So I think I’m going to call it BoehnerCare if I can remember from time to time, certainly more often, because Boehner won’t even fight. Boehner, he’s just–is the word ‘pathetic’ appropriate?”

Levin was referencing reports that Boehner was going to cave again, this time on the upcoming CR battle where conservatives are aiming to defund Obamacare. “Earlier this evening, Speaker John Boehner announced his grand plans for fighting Obamacare in the budget,” Red State’s Daniel Horowitz wrote of Boehner’s latest cave. “He will pass a short-term continuing resolution (CR) until some time in December, grouping the new budget deadline with the debt ceiling date, and create another grand end-of-year fiscal cliff.  He will fund Obamacare in the short term CR, but by George, he will fight like hell in the debt ceiling battle!  For now, they will make the short term CR about locking in the sequester cuts.”

Levin then shifted into criticizing Boehner over his contradictions over how he will plan to handle the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill. He read from a report from the National Review‘s Jonathan Strong, who laid out how Boehner’s Super PAC aides were pushing the Senate bill on House lawmakers while the Speaker publicly says he is opposed to the Senate bill.

“Senior GOP aides of a Super PAC linked to Speaker John Boehner are lobbying House Republicans to pass the Senate ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration bill, legislation that Boehner has said he will not bring to the House floor,” Strong wrote on Thursday. “The lobbying effort is coming under the umbrella of the American Action Network, a nonprofit 501(c)(4) ‘action tank’ led by former senator Norm Coleman, which is touting the “major positive economic impact” of the Senate bill in e-mails sent to individual House Republican offices. AAN is housed in the same office as the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC associated with Boehner, and the two organizations share senior aides, including Brian O. Walsh, the president of both organizations, and Dan Conston, the spokesman for both.”

Levin ripped Boehner for the contradictions. “See how Boehner does it?” Levin chided. “He’s got his PAC that he’s been supporting and raising funds for lobbying Republican members, his own Republican members in the House to support the Gang of Eight immigration bill or something like it while he’s publicly saying ‘no, we’re going to break it into little pieces. This guy’s a snake. He’s absolutely dishonest. My great fear is he’s so pathetic and incompetent, as are the rest of them, quite frankly, that conservatives are not going to turn out in the next election and we’ll lose the damn House. We’re tired of these quislings and their dealings. And we’re tired of all the Bush staffers and ex-McCain staffers writing their little hit pieces on conservatives who dare to stand up to them. So, Boehner’s got quite the little inside-outside game going on with this Super PAC linked to him.”

Levin then said what Boehner is going to do get an amnesty passed into law is use “salami tactics, cut it into little pieces, get it passed with Democrat support, and send it to a conference committee. Then it’s over.”

Levin then said Boehner owes his entire existence as Speaker to the conservative movement. “You’re Speaker of the House, who we put there in 2010 with that election,” Levin said. “Just elect more Republicans, you see, that’ll fix it! More Republicans like him? Oh, it’ll fix it. It’ll screw us once and for all. As I’ve said so many times, what the hell does the Republican Party stand for today? I know what the Democrat Party stands for, I really do: totalitarianism, ultimately. But what does the Republican Party stand for? Appeasement. So I call them the French Republicans. Appeasement. You think the answers are there? You think the answers are with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell? You think the answers are with Eric Cantor?”

Levin then revisited the term “BoehnerCare.”

He said Boehner’s position is that “not only are we surrendering, we are not going to support a vote to stand up to Obamacare.”

“So it’s BoehnerCare,” Levin said. “And we should start repeating it: BoehnerCare, BoehnerCare.”