Politico Blames Everyone But Obama for Syria Debacle

Politico Blames Everyone But Obama for Syria Debacle

In the past, Politico has gone to extraordinary lengths to carry water for Barack Obama–up to and including attacks on private citizens guilty of nothing more than supporting someone other than Barack Obama. That was vicious, but Tuesday Politico went full silly and shrill with a desperate lead piece that blames Obama’s Syria debacle on everyone but Obama — including the American military.

Politico is at least big enough to admit Obama’s handling of Syria has been “unsteady” and “so-far flaccid,” but in their list of “losers” who have “lost influence and face in the Syria debacle so far,” the actual man who oversees the administration that is actually is responsible for The Syria Debacle is not listed.

Listed instead are “political parties,” “the mass media,” you and I –“the public,” “the presidency,” and– believe it or not–the military!


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