Breitbart London Editor at Embassy Bash: 'We're Going to Take Over the World'

Breitbart London Editor at Embassy Bash: 'We're Going to Take Over the World'

David Webb, of The David Webb Show on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, broadcasted his nightly program on Friday live from the annual CPAC bash at the Breitbart Embassy in Washington, D.C. and stated that the Breitbart News team is a tribute to the late Andrew Breitbart’s vision. 

An exuberant James Delingpole, who is Breitbart London’s executive editor and one of the newest additions to the team, said this was his first time at the “Embassy,” and he knew immediately that he was at the perfect home.  

“I’ve found my people,” Delingpole declared. “We’re going to take over the world.”

Delingpole said, “We are the good people,” and “the bad guys are the liberals who can’t deal with intellectual arguments and facts” and therefore have to resort to calling conservatives names. Webb fondly recalled the time Breitbart told Occupy protesters to “stop raping people” and rollerbladed through a crowd of liberals. He said Delingpole was a perfect person to carry the Breitbart torch across the pond. 

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon said Breitbart News will continue to carry Breitbart’s torch and expand by rolling out new bureaus every 90 days. He added that Breitbart’s growth is a testament to the vision he always had to give a voice to those who felt that they had none all across the world. 

Jon Kahn, Breitbart’s minister of culture who organized the party, recalled how Breitbart introduced him to Webb at an event in Philadelphia. Kahn said that the “island of misfit toys” that is Breitbart News often feels like part of a divine plan because each iconoclastic person on the team has a fierce fighting spirit and represents a unique and crucial part of the puzzle.  

Breitbart’s Mike Flynn mentioned that the building near Capitol Hill is referred to as the “Embassy” because D.C. is foreign to the Americans Breitbart News writes for and many in the Breitbart crew, most of whom are not D.C. denizens, especially in spirit. Flynn said that after Breitbart’s death, bets were being placed in D.C. on how soon Breitbart News would go away, but he noted that Breitbart News was still standing, expanding inside the United States and abroad and is even stronger now. Flynn said that is a tribute to Andrew’s vision and his legacy as found on the Breitbart News pages every day. 

Breitbart’s Matt Boyle, AWR Hawkins, Kerry Picket, Sonnie Johnson, Frances Martel, and others spoke with Webb about that legacy and how much Breitbart enjoyed “sticking it to the liberals” while also being a happy warrior for the conservative cause.

Jim Pinkerton, a conservative writer and intellectual who is also a Fox News analyst and a Breitbart News contributor, discussed Breitbart’s “cultural rebelliousness” and how everyone who works for Breitbart goes against the grain and has that anti-establishment spirit. Pinkerton said that enables Breitbart News to “unite people around attitudes.” 

Webb got emotional and nearly choked up when discussing how much he missed his great friend Andrew Breitbart. Webb said he would take back five freshly rolled cigars with the “#WAR” hashtag from the Embassy party and give one away every day next week to his listeners. 

Breitbart News Saturday will broadcast live from CPAC on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 from 10 a.m. EST to 1 p.m. EST.