Trigger Warning! Media Matters Scolds Roll Out Lies for Thanksgiving

Trigger Warning! Media Matters Scolds Roll Out Lies for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us, meaning the media scolds are as eager to serve up propaganda as ever.

“Don’t let right-wing lies ruin your Thanksgiving dinner,” Media Matters tells its readers. (Trigger warning.) “This year, be ready with the facts.”

Media Matters sure knows its audience: One, they’re fainting daisies, and two, they have no clue what they’re talking about and need cards printed with cartoon turkeys to tell them.

But Media Matters gets an A plus for usability: The cards use big fonts and small words so liberals can understand. For brevity’s sake, let’s take a look at just three of the twelve claims made.

“MYTH: Outrage Over Sexual Assault Is Overblown

FACT: An American Is Sexually Every Two Minutes

Each year, there are about 237,868 [sic] victims of sexual assault. One in five women on college campuses has been sexually assaulted.”

It’s the lie that just won’t die: The “one-in-five women” statistic is peddled more aggressively the more it’s debunked. The statistic, most often expressed in the form of a harpy’s screech at a Slut Walk, comes from a survey conducted at two universities with a sample size of less than 6,000 respondents who were asked if they had some fuzzy memory of getting pounded while hammered. No, really: “‘Have you suspected that someone had sexual contact with you when you were unable to provide consent or stop what was happening because you were passed out, drugged, drunk, incapacitated, or asleep? This question asks about events that you think (but are not certain) happened.'”

In other words, liberal alchemy turns “tell us how you feel” mush into an independent variable measured with quantum precision.

If universities are such a rape-fest with sexual assault victims piling up faster than the Congo’s, why would any sane father send his daughter to college? Why would women enroll at a rate higher than that of men?

“MYTH: Gay Marriage Is Ruining America.

“FACT: Gay Marriage Is Not Ruining America.

A growing majority of Americans support marriage equality. Gay marriage doesn’t impact straight marriage, and research shows that children raised in same-sex families are happy and healthy.”

Which “research”? Media Matters doesn’t say. But gay marriage necessitates that the adopted child will be denied either a mother or a father by default. Research does show that children deprived of a mother’s nurturing suffer from debilitating levels of stress, exhibited autistic-like and repetitive behaviors, and are twice as likely to develop mental illnesses in their lifetimes. Children reared without a father are more aggressive and criminal, more likely to do drugs and perform terribly in school — and again, more likely suffer from mental illness. Adding more dysfunction to our divorce-addled society hurts children instead of helping them.

“MYTH: Immigrants Hurt The Economy

FACT: Immigrants Fuel The Economy

Immigrants boost the economy by complementing the work of Americans instead of competing for the same jobs. As taxpayers, they’ll reduce the deficit by $832 billion over 20 years.”

Well, at least Media Matters makes a distinction between foreigners and Americans, unlike the president. As for the $832 billion figure — the Center for American Progress pulled that number out of a hat to push the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill last May in a bid to lavish U.S. citizenship on 11 million illegal aliens. The low-skilled, poorly educated, English-illiterate, criminal illegals (translation: reliable Democratic voters) would somehow receive a level-up in economic buying power that would push them into the 50-percent bracket of Americans who actually pay income tax.

Media Matters conveniently forgets that the four million illegal aliens granted reprieve from deportation by Obama’s magic executive wand will cost American taxpayers $500,000 per head, or at least $2 trillion total by the time every illegal reaches age 50. And that’s a pretty lowball estimate for lifespans, considering that any alien infected with, say, an exotic, hemorrhagic virus like Ebola can hop on a plane and bleed taxpayers for $50,000 per day for treatment — and sue the hospital afterwards!

Illegal aliens also commit an awful lot of heinous crimes to their privileged fellow Americans, but that’s acceptable collateral damage to liberals. Maybe Media Matters could ask the parents of a toddler mowed down by a drunk illegal if they support amnesty at the Thanksgiving dinner table. And if the parents mind that their daughter’s killer can rake in every taxpayer-funded welfare payment imaginable before you can say “amnesty,” they’re racists.

Let’s not discount the strawman questions posed by the cards: They reveal that liberals hear no legitimate objections to their politics, only “hoaxes” and “myths” that create an endless Whack-A-Mole game for their unpaid interns to play.

I can’t wait to see what Media Matters prints in their next cutesy cardset in time for Christmas. Maybe they can debunk the paranoid right-wing talking point that founder David Brock illegally armed an employee with a Glock bought with cash and without a background check, for starters.  

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