Bolduan Out: Shake Up at CNN’s Troubled ‘New Day’


After months of rumors things were finally made official Friday with the announcement that Kate Bolduam is being replaced by former Fox News veteran Alisyn Camerota as co-host of CNN’s troubled morning show, “New Day.” Although Camerota is already co-hosting as a substitute for Bolduan (who’s on maternity leave), she will assume her official role as co-host on January 19.

Starting January 26, Bolduan will move to the 11am hour as co-host of “This Hour.” She will replace Michaela Pereira who is moving to “New Day” as a full-fledged co-host beside Camerota and Chris Cuomo.

“New Day,” the crown jewel in CNN president’s spectacularly failed efforts to save the left-wing cable network, launched in June of 2013 and has been nothing short of a ratings train wreck. Almost immediately stories surfaced of problems between Cuomo and Bolduan. According to The Wrap, since Bolduan’s maternity exit, the show’s anemic ratings have increased 23%.  Regardless, “New Day” is still in a regular death struggle with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” for last place.

Camerota is undoubtedly a big improvement over Bolduan. The intelligence and professionalism that made her a terrific weekend “Fox and Friends” co-host all those years has transferred over without a hitch. Eventually CNN will figure out that the hopelessly biased and not-terribly-bright Chris Cuomo is as big of a problem as Bolduan.


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