Washington Post Melts Down Over Muslim Ban: Republicans Are Not Americans

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

The leftwing Washington Post took its Republican hatred to an entirely new level Monday with a headline that pits Republicans against Americans. “Americans reject Trump’s Muslim ban, but Republicans embrace it,” the headline reads.

This isn’t an editorial, it’s a news story. This isn’t Dana Milbank’s latest hissy fit, it’s a straight news headline.

Apparently, the Washington Post no longer sees Republicans as Americans because 59% of them support Donald Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigration until our government gets its act together. One wonders, though, if the Washington Post believes that the 38% of Republicans who oppose Trump’s proposal qualify as Americans?

Nah, the Washington Post doesn’t even see Republicans as humans.


Sixty percent of the overall public disagree with Trump’s proposal, while 36% support it.

A spot-check of 130 Washington Post headlines about polls found no headline where one portion of the respondents were  advertised as something other than Americans.

If Washington Post staffers are still confused over why they are now working out of a low-rent building,  this kind of demagoguery and hate hurled at 50% of the country would be a good place to start.

If nothing else, by refusing to play by their dictatorial rules, Trump has done more than any other politician to frustrate the DC Media into a meltdown that exposes them as the leftwing freaks we always knew they were.


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