Huffington Post: ‘Marcobot Malfunctions’ at GOP Debate

Screenshot / Huffington Post

The front page editors at the Huffington Post made clear that they were not impressed with Marco Rubio’s performance in Saturday’s Republican debate.


The left-wing HuffPo, which likely finds a lot of common ground with Rubio’s position on immigration, still lit up the freshman senator for slip-ups while rival candidates like Chris Christie pummeled him in Manchester, New Hampshire.

“MARCOBOT MALFUNCTIONS,” the main headline reads, with one photo of Rubio duplicated into four exact copies to represent its first sub-headline: “Gives Same Canned Answer 3 Times In A Row… Then Uses It Again!” 

The home page spread also accused Rubio of flip-flopping–oddly, attacking the candidate’s claim that President Barack Obama “knows what he is doing” to transform the United States with domestic policy, whereas he said the opposite of Obama’s foreign policy in 2014–with a link to BuzzFeed.

Most damaging to Rubio, though, is the highlight of Fox News’s Brit Hume admitting that Christie left a mark on him–like Dan Quayle, an icon of the left’s “dumb Republican” stereotype. This comparison is a problem for Rubio, as Fox News has been a strong booster of his candidacy. This past week, primetime anchor Megyn Kelly asked Rubio if he was offended when Christie attacked him for being too scripted. Kelly gushed that Rubio was “very smooth” and “so articulate,” that his speech after a third-place finish in the Iowa caucus was “amazing.”