CNN’s Gloria Borger Declared Obama’s ‘Bull Sh***er’ Comment a Good Thing

During CNN’s “Situation Room,” Gloria Borger defended President Obama’s use of the word “bullshitter” to describe Mitt Romney in a just-published Rolling Stone interview. “We want our presidents to be more candid,” she said. “And then when they are we get upset.”

Gloria Borger is a smart woman, so when she says something this stupid you know it’s intentional. She’s shilling, water carrying — attempting to kill this Narrative.

No one with an IQ above room temperature defines “candid” as “the use of profanity” — or, in this case, using profanity to describe your opponent.

Listen, I’m no prude and am well aware that in private, presidents use profanity and have been overheard using it on hot mics. But a sitting president using that kind of language in an on-the-record interview demeans his office and diminishes himself. The president is supposed to be a role model, especially for our children. And this fact is why, I think, Ms. Borger’s so eager to wrist-flick the issue.

All week, part of Mitt Romney’s closing argument against Obama is the small, shallow campaign the president’s running — how the president has been reduced to Big Bird, binders, name-calling with “Romnesia,” and now “bullshit.” Essentially, what Obama did with his use of on-the-record profanity is to step into Romney’s Narrative in a pretty big way. Borger knows this and, I guess, would prefer we talk about more important issues like day three of Richard Mourdock.

Overall, I must say, it’s just pathetic that our media can’t even bring themselves to protect the dignity of the office. It wouldn’t be the end of Obama’s chances were the media to at least hold this front, but they just can’t bring themselves to do anything that might harm Their Precious One…

…Even if it means playing dumb to do it.