Religious Bigots at CNN Attack Mormons with Last-Minute Hit-Piece

CNN has no time to look into the FEMA mess currently unfolding on Staten Island or the White House Libya cover up, but CNN’s Gary Tuchman is all over how the Mormon Church excommunicates and/or “reprograms” gays. Tuchman even stalked the office of a Mormon Church official; something no one at CNN is doing to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.

This kind of late hit fools no one, not even swing voters. It’s such a blatant and biased piece of religious bigotry, all it does is remind people of what a hack outfit CNN is.

As far as the religious bigotry, that’s apparent in how CNN singles out the Mormon Church. In 2008, if CNN ran a piece about Obama’s Chicago church and it’s approach towards homosexuality, I must have missed it.

If you single one faith out for criticism and not another, you are by definition bigoted — and CNN is most certainly proving its bigotry by running this 10 to 15-minute segment throughout this crucial day.