CNN: Obama Has Edge With 'Hurricane Lift'

CNN’s Chief Political Analyst David Gergen said that the President definitely has the edge going into today’s election. 


David Gergen: My gut tells me that contrary to what we normally see — normally in the final weekend the electorate starts to break slightly for the challenger — this weekend it seemed to be breaking for President Obama. 

Anderson Cooper: So you think that’s storm related?

David Gergen: I think this is a hurricane lift, yes, I do. And I think last week was a very good one for him and so he’s got a little bit of an edge. That means he’s favored, but Romney can still pull off this upset. It is still very much in his power, he’s got a lot of enthusiasm on the ground.

Breitbart News has received multiple tips that polling places in Democrat-heavy precincts are “ghost towns” while Republican-heavy precincts have more people in line than ever before.