Dan Rather: 'My Gut Tells Me Romney Will Have A Good Day'

Remember when Dan Rather’s gut was telling him that the media elite could no longer be the “gatekeepers” of information from the masses?

Sept. 2010:


Today Rather’s “gut” is telling him that despite all indications (and I use that term loosely) that Obama will win, there’s still this unsettling feeling that Romney could pull this off. Video and transcript below:



Dan Rather: Listen, it’s Obama’s to lose here. He’s probably going to win it. All the polls show one thing going one direction. But it’s election — time for spin and chatter analysis is over. Now the people speak. You can lay out a plan that Romney wins this election, and I’ll be honest with you as I always try to be. 

(Note: Pause for laughter)

Something in my gut tells me that it’s going to be a good day for Romney. But as a reporter, you don’t report your gut. The polls all indicate yes, Obama.

(Note: Pause for laughter, again)

He has several paths to victory, Romney has only one, but I’m reminded of that old saying, “Don’t taunt the alligator until after you cross the creek.” In Obama’s case and in his supporters’ case.

If Obama gets his vote out, I agree, he probably wins. But there’s some doubt in my mind that he’s going to get his vote totally out. And Romney’s vote will get out, partly because it’s older people, his people are well motivated, many of them detest the President. So,you know, the Good Book says, “The race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong.” As reporters, we say, “That is the way to bet it.” If you’ve got to bet it, I agree, you’ve got to bet on Obama. But let’s get the votes in and get the votes in, counted, then see where we are.