The revenge principle

The Nation, a reliable source if you want to know what absurd grievances the left is flogging this week, is urging President Obama to use all executive power conceivably within his means to ignore Congress and push his agenda forward.

Assuming that works–how’s that four-year-old executive order closing the Guantánamo Bay prison in one year coming along?–it sets a terrible precedent. 

A precedent conservatives should embrace.

We are keeping score, and everything the Democrats have done over the past four years–ramming through sweeping changes through “reconciliation” in the Senate, going to war without consulting Congress, putting up barely qualified but ideologically reliable Supreme Court nominees, you name it–should be done to them in return, in order to undo the damage that is being done. Republicans should announce that intention and make it clear that they will regard whatever is done today as justification tomorrow.

It is the only deterrent.