Allen West Shakes Head at Formal Rival's Questionable Ethics

Congressman Patrick Murphy, who narrowly beat Allen West in the 2012 general election, got together with some of his pals in the House Democratic caucus, and may have violated a House Ethics rule. Murphy and company appeared in a political action committee’s web ad wearing their congressional lapel pins. Apparently this is frowned up, but not really enforced, as far as House Ethics rules go. The PAC in question is the Democrat-friendly, House Majority PAC.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has picked up on this developing story, putting out a video attacking Murphy’s “Gross” hypocrisy for condeming organizations like House Majority PAC that try to effect change in elections. No sooner than the story broke, Allen West himself went on to replied to a tweet directed to him about the story. West Replied, “Yup” to the tweet,”Allen West is somewhere shaking his head and laughing.” More on this story as it continues to develop