Editing history

In response to A Tale of Two Stories:

It’s also interesting to note how many on the Left are still pretending the MSNBC hoax video is accurate, as though they can bend reality to comply with the deceptive edit through sheer force of will.  And they might be right.  How many of these phony lefty legends become “conventional wisdom” through force of repetition, long after we right-wing killjoys debunk them?  How many low-information voters still think Mitt Romney cheated on his taxes, or Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house?  

Neil Heslin makes such a good martyr that if no real lions of rudeness appear in the arena, virtual lions will be summoned from thin air, Hunger Games style.  And while I hate to pile on a man suffering from unspeakable loss, an awful lot of what he said before he started questioning the audience was malarkey.  He’s not an expert on guns or the Second Amendment, and we shouldn’t expect him to be.  It’s wrong to focus the spotlight on spokesman that reasonable people “hate to question.”  The legislative machinery of the Republic is supposed to protect us from rule through momentary passions, no matter how strong or understandable those passions are.