For Andrew Breitbart and #TheConversation

Early Friday morning I logged on to #TheConversation to post some pretty hilarious conversation starters, if I do say so myself.  The very first post on the screen was a Happy Birthday wish to Andrew Breitbart from Joel Pollack.

My mind wasn’t stuck on remembering Andrew.  (I hope Joel won’t mind me sharing this memory.)  My mind was stuck on Joel at Andrew’s memorial service in DC.  I had the honor of sharing some words about Andrew and after the service Joel came and wrapped his arms around me, with eyes full of tears, and said “For a moment, I felt like my friend was still here.”

I don’t have footage of that night and I can’t really remember what I said but I remember that feeling.  Knowing Andrew Breitbart, our bigger than life General, was gone and we were left to continue his fight.

I couldn’t post.  I didn’t feel funny.  My question wasn’t, “What Would Breitbart Do?”  I was asking myself, as an individual with my own talents and unique abilities, “What Would Andrew Breitbart Want Me To Do?”  Especially considering I have access to his dream; a media powerhouse that allows people from all roads of life to have an AMPLIFIED voice in the American Conversation.

After an entire day of reflection, I came back to one simple truth: