Note from Employer

We are looking for spirited INDIVIDUALS to help save us from ourselves.  Our company has been running up uncontrollable debt and deficits, we’ve promised our employees more than we could possibly afford, we punish our successful employees to maintain the employees that just need a little more training, and we are quickly losing any viability as a company.

Are you the person to help save this over 250 year old endeavor?

Company: America

Salary: Freedom with Benefits.  The freedom to fall on your face and the benefit of learning from your mistakes.  The freedom to experience risk and reward and the benefit of learning personal responsibility for your actions.  The freedom to dream BIG and the benefit of reflecting on a life fully explored and conquered.

Duties: Save yourself.  Take care of you own health, sanity, finances, and salvation.  Led your house by teaching The Bible, The Constitution, and Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics.

Don’t, AND I MEAN DON’T, set out to volunteer your time.  We live by the ancient Hip Hop philosopher Jay-Z’s mantra; “I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them.  So I got rich and gave back.  To me, that’s the win, win.”  Set out to build wealth, not just for yourself but the people in your community and the city in which you live.  As you continue to grow, opportunities are endless.

EOE  see attached disclaimer