Pelosi Not Happy About 'No Budget, No Pay' Bill

President Barack Obama has just signed the  ‘No Budget, No Pay’ debt ceiling suspension bill into law. Democrats are all upset because they feel that  Republicans in Congress pulled a fast one on them, forcing them to agree to the bill.


 The No Budget No Pay bill (H.R. 325) would authorize a temporary suspension of the current debt limit of $16.4 trillion through May 18, allowing the government to continue borrowing to pay its bills until then. A provision in the legislation would prohibit lawmakers from getting paid if Congress fails to pass a fiscal 2014 budget by April 15. Salaries would be held in escrow until lawmakers agreed on a fiscal 2014 budget; if Congress fails to do so, then salaries would resume in January 2015, the end of the current congressional session.- Govex 

Top Democrats in the House and Senate, most noticeably House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, have been  up in arms about this bill, or as Pelosi called it, this “gimmick.”


 About a week ago, Pelosi went on the floor of the House of Representatives to express her views on the Republican penned bill, calling the bill “the Ryan budget on steroids.” Pelosi then recited  the usual fear-mongering talking points that the mean Republicans want to cut Medicare, Medicaid, push granny off the cliff,  and cut Veteran benefits.


 Pelosi seemed to take issue with the bills language that states the  Congress would be directly held accountable for their inactions, by suspending the  pay of members of Congress if they fail to pass a budget by tax day.


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