What Can Brown Fart For You Today?

Scared of Texas outlaws rustlin’ all of his cash cows? Not Jerry Brown, beloved governor of America’s financial basket case and one-third of it welfare caseload. Nosirree. Mr. Moonbeam laughed off a new Texas ad aimed at luring California businesses to the Lone Star state, calling it “barely a fart.” 

I encourage you to wade through the comments for the delicious smorgasbord of cognitive dissonance.

Puh-lease. As if Apple would ever consider leaving the bright lights of Cupertino for a hick dump like Texas.

Let alone Fluor. Or EDM Laboratories. Or Kairak.

Why would they? And leave California’s world-class education system and quality of life? Absurd.

Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news, the current rental cost of a 10′ U-Haul box truck from LA to Austin is $1508, and the same truck Austin to LA is $792.

While you’re trying to figure out why, here’s a little traveling music from Jello Biafra.