That rejected SNL skit on Hagel & Israel

To their credit, they canned it. It’s unfunny, clearly. And also just repeats stupid left-wing clichés about Israel.

It’s only insightful to those who think Israel controls the U.S. Congress, and to those who don’t know the facts about Hagel’s views (not just on Israel but on a variety of other issues directly affecting American security).

Ironically, Hagel’s performance in the Senate reminded many of the rather sad (but certainly funny) parody SNL did twenty years ago about Ross Perot’s 1992 running mate, Rear Admiral James Stockdale. 

Back then, SNL still protected Democrats, but there’s been a propagandist edge to its humor since the mania of the Bush years. It takes its politics too seriously, and is less funny as a result. Especially without Samberg.