But That Abortion Saved Toure’s Life

In response to Toure’s Abortion ‘Blessing’ Still Has Me Rattled:

  Whenever I see the man now or hear his name, it all comes back — howhe manipulated our language in such a wicked way to make it sound asthough a completely unnecessary abortion was noble, selfless, patriotic,and, yes, holy.

He proudly proclaimed that the needless sacrifice of his first child, in some ways, saved his life. That is the complete opposite of noble,  selfless, patriotic and holy. It’s an abomination.

But not surprising in an age when the moral cretin who opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act while serving as an Illinois State Senator, can be elected President of the United States – twice.

When I found that out about Obama in January of 2008 – it was all I had to know about him. Yet a huge portion of the American people are unmoved by it.

I can’t even express how sad that makes me.