The ObamaCare tax increases begin

ObamaCare’s driving up insurance premiums and wiping out coverage from coast to coast, but don’t forget that it’s also stuffed with tax increases.  On deck: $100 billion in sales taxes on health insurance plans.  Poor, middle class hardest hit.

We’ll all be paying the other 22 tax increases in ObamaCare too, even though some are nominally levied against medical device providers, insurance companies, doctors, etc.  It all gets to our wallets in the end, no matter how carefully hidden it is.

And now you’ve even got Paul “Trillion-dollar Coin” Krugman admitting that even more middle class tax increases are coming… and the death panels are right behind them.  There has never, in my lifetime, been a more utterly vindicated group of political observers than the critics of ObamaCare.  They’ve been right about everything.  A fat lot of good it did America.