Toure's Abortion 'Blessing' Still Has Me Rattled

For the life of me, I can’t get out of my head Toure’s on-air editorial thanking God for the fact that he was able to abort his own child. Whenever I see the man now or hear his name, it all comes back — how he manipulated our language in such a wicked way to make it sound as though a completely unnecessary abortion was noble, selfless, patriotic, and, yes, holy.

Here’s a man who for purely selfish, self-involved reasons, callously and coldly chose to take an innocent life. But years later, upon reflection, does he regret or even hesitate over what he did; does he wonder why he didn’t solve his problem of not being ready to be a father by bringing the child to term and then putting it up for adoption?


Instead, as though to remind us of the banality of evil, he profanely takes to the public airwaves to thank God Himself for the right to take this life for the good of his country — and for the good of the dead child.  

What really bothers me is the thought of how many young people watching might have been persuaded by Toure’s performance. His ice-cold logic and veneer of intellectualism was like something out of a Bond film where the attractive villian explains why he wants to destroy the world … for its own good, of course.

It’s the most chilling thing I have ever witnessed on American television.