Obama’s Secret Sequester Plan

In response to Proper contempt for sequestration:

DeMint, referring to Dick Morris, said, “the president is trying to make the case that the problems we’re going to experience with the economy is because of reduced government spending, but the real cause is his policies – Dodd/ Frank, the tax increases…”

That, Morris argues, is Obama’s “secret plan”:

President Obama’s massive and voluble campaign against the sequester has a deep political motivation that is not apparent on the surface. He is engaging in a battle he knows he’ll lose.

Republicans are not going to budge on agreeing to tax hikes to avoid the sequester’s spending cuts, and Democrats won’t opt for entitlement cuts to avoid it, either. So why is he fighting so hard when he has no leverage and battling a measure that will take effect on March 1 if Congress does nothing — something it does rather well?

Here’s the answer: He knows the economy is tanking. He realizes that we are headed for a double-dip recession. He expects unemployment to soar. He understands that his almost $300 billion in tax increases this year will drive us into recession. So he needs an out.That’s where sequestration fits in: If it goes into effect, he can blame Republican budget cuts for the economic disaster that will probably unfold this year.It will be the GOP’s fault.

All the warnings of the dire impact of these across-the-board budget cuts — including a New York Times article about how states fear the economic impact of sequester — are designed to set up a massive blame game in which he excoriates Republicans for the recession.

DeMint isn’t so sure that we’re headed for another recession, but did predict slow, stagnant growth because of the president’s policies. 

Brit Hume told Bill O’Reilly a few days ago that he was hearing that members of the administration were trying to make the cuts as painful as possible.

And Obama intends to blame Republicans for the pain he himself caused.

Just so we all understand what is going on here.