Proper contempt for sequestration

I think Jim DeMint has the proper contempt for sequestration.  He called it “laughable” and said we should be talking about balancing the budget within 10 years:

Even as there are indications the tide is turning against Obama on sequestration – not really due to any great Republican strategy, but just because normal people think he sounds like a nut when he issues his doomsday prophecies, and this illegal alien release thing was a HUGE miscalculation – the aftermath that worries me is the one where we hear, for the rest of eternity, that we can never even think about making another spending cut, because sequestration was just too darn agonizing.  Having asked the Washington Big Spenders to clip one toenail, we can never ask them to lose another ounce of weight, for the stress would kill them.

The people who offer this whine for the next several years will be the same people that don’t remember the gigantic tax hikes Obama got, just a month before he started demanding more tax hikes as the answer to sequestration.  Uncle Sam cannot be asked to give too much, but the private sector stands forever ready to be drained of blood, and the same people who scream that a bazillion jobs will be lost due to sequestration could not care less about jobs lost due to tax increases.  In fact, they become very angry when the latter topic is broached at all.