RE: The Progressive Left's Marvel Team-Up Act

In response to The Progressive Left’s Marvel Team-Up Act:

Over the weekend, Bill Keller had the temerity to assign some blame
for the sequester to President Obama. Within a day, the left’s
commentariat had settled the issue in Obama’s favor, each linking to the
other and repeating the claim that Keller was all wrong. Over at the
Huffington Post, Jason Linkins summarized this group effort as a “Marvel team-up”:

It takes a Marvel team-up of three different reporters, from three
different news organizations, to perform this elementary act of
real-keeping. Meanwhile, Bill Keller can, in one column, undo the work
of Harwood, his New York Times colleague.

Linkins actually mentions four reporters at three different news
organizations, though three of the four–Klein, Sargent and Chait–are
progressives who can reliably be counted on to side with the President.
As far as a takedowns go, “Three Like-Minded Progressives Defend Obama”
isn’t exactly red letter stuff, even if you throw in a tweet from a NY
times reporter.

“Marvel team-up” eh? So these jounolisters fancy themselves no less than super-heroes in their capacity as Obama’s premier palace guards, protecting their charge from all criticism?

Well, that’s just too special, bless their hearts.

Now I feel genuinely sad that some of us have been calling these valiant heroes  the “juice box mafia!”