USDA Email Confirms What We Were All Thinking

In response to USDA Email: Don’t Contradict Us on Sequester’s Impact:

 The first time I heard Brit Hume say that he was hearing that Obama administration officials were going to make sure the sequestration cuts were as painful as possible, I
thought it was a very controversial thing to say. Would the Obama administration really punish the American people just to save face and blame
Republicans? My God. But Hume doubled down on it, last night on O’Reilly, saying: “The President Seems Prepared To Let The Public Suffer Almost As Much As Possible As Long As He Can Blame Somebody Else”.

It appears to me that this email is documentation that this is indeed what is happening.

Keep that in mind when you hear about Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s plan to release thousands of illegal immigrant detainees in the coming weeks.