Obama Meeting With Senate Repubs, too

In response to With His Tail Tucked Firmly Between His Legs, Obama Reaches Out to Republicans:

He’s meeting with  several Republican senatorsfor dinner on Wednesday, (unless it’s canceled due to the snow storm) “as part of his effort to revive talks to tacklethe nation’s long-term deficit”, and will be addressing Senate Republicans at a lunch on March 14.

Perhaps that threat to defund his golf game has spurred him to action?

Via Townhall:

 Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said the lunch will be an opportunity to discuss budget and economic issues.

Asource, who asked not to be identified, said Obama also plans to meetwith House of Representatives Democrats next week, although the date hasnot yet been set.

Wednesday’s dinner meeting, to be held at ahotel near the White House, could be postponed, the White House said,as Washington faced heavy snow forecasts that already had closed mostfederal agencies.

In recent days, Obama has searched forcommon ground with senators who in the past have indicated a willingnessto compromise on budget issues. The White House on Sunday suggestedtalks could center around a broad budget deal that includes new taxrevenues as well as reforms to entitlement programs. These include theMedicare health care program for the elderly and disabled and SocialSecurity retirement benefits – programs that are rapidly growing in costas the population ages.

The Republican U.S. senators Obamahas contacted recently include Bob Corker of Tennessee, Tom Coburn ofOklahoma, Rob Portman of Ohio and Susan Collins of Maine, according tothe senators or congressional aides. The White House declined to confirmthe names.

Good luck with getting Republicans to go along with those “new tax revenues”.