Thanks A Lot, You Guys

In response to The Thought Leaders of Tomorrow:

It’s not often I have a “fight or flight” reaction to a YouTube video, but this one made me want to either run away from my computer, or punch everyone who was in it in the face. I got through maybe 1:45 of the first video, and thought that was going to be the end of it, but then I had to read Ace’s description, which piqued my interest to watch more.

Right – the “male lesbian”.

See, back in the day, Ace had a regular commenter named Rosetta (now of The Hostages) who we called a “male lesbian” because we thought he was a she, until he told us he was a dude. What a joke (we thought.)

I wasn’t going to be tempted to watch any of part two, but I had to hear the male lesbian say, (as Ace pointed out) “I’m not talking about my body! I never mentioned my body! I actually asked you to try to define my body and you seemed unable to give an answer!

Yep, that happened. And the lesbian avenger didn’t catch the logical fallacy.

Ugh. I didn’t make it through much of part 2.

You can say all you want about the “vanishing substance of language” in this “Gramscian Theater of the Macabre” (so well put, by Iowahawk) but you gotta know that several of the players in the video have bright futures in academia, the arts, and perhaps even Holder’s DOJ.