Cyber Beat: Daily Roundup of Social Media and Tech Stories 3/26

Today’s top stories in social media and technology include a college student who broke into a stranger’s home to use Facebook (and pee), the Israeli Defense Forces’ crackdown on soldiers’ use of social media, Facebook’s new threaded comments feature, Google objects to the word ‘Ungoogleable’, hacker charged in 2011 attack on Koch, a cyberattack on defectors of North Korea, a George W. Bush art exhibit hoax, the ‘gallon-smashing’ pranksters face charges, a new film on cyberbullying, latest on the Prenda copyright trolls case, the story of a homeowners association suing a blogger (a blogger who’s now being represented by noted 1st amendment attorney Marc Randazza), a gamer who’s spent the past 6 years in an internet cafe, urinals equipped with a pee-controlled video game, and reviews of two new video games.

Read below for these stories and more.

Social Media Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

All that talk about people being addicted to social media? This one fits the profile.

UGA student enters woman’s home to use Facebook, urinates on couch

Who knew the ‘Harlem Shake’ could be so dangerous?

IDF crackdown on soldiers’ social media activity a ‘problem of free speech’


This is a good thing.

Facebook Begins Rolling Out Threaded Comments


In a way, I can sort of see Google’s point, I think it’s less about trademark and more about being accurate.  But c’mon Google, don’t be evil.

Sweden Drops ‘Ungoogleable’ From Word List After Google Protests

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

During the Wisconsin Recall protests in 2011, some in the hacker collective Anonymous answered the call from labor unions and left-wing activists to protest Koch Industries.  That prompted hacktivists to launch a series of DDoS attacks on Koch owned websites, among other targets.  It was a stunt that had even other Anonymous members questioning why they were getting political and attacking those targets.  Yesterday, one of those hacktivists was charged.

Man charged in cyberattack on Koch Industries


For further background on the 2011 Koch attacks, read more below:
FBI Targets 12 In Koch Industries Online Assault
Chaos as Anonymous attacks toilet paper, Sweden, itself 

A creative hoaxer posted to CNN’s iReport an announcement of a fake George W Bush art exhibit at the elite Gagosian Gallery in New York, and it made the rounds before being determined a hoax.  The hoaxer explains that he did it to see if, after the hoax was discovered, Gagosian would actually invite Bush’s art (which was recently outed by hacker Guccifer). Some folks on Twitter apparently aren’t big fans of the W’s art.  Shocker.

Hoax: George W. Bush’s Exhibition At Gagosian Gallery 

A viral video has ended in charges of disorderly conduct and destruction of property for its creators; they say they “kind of feel sorry for what they did, but…it was just an innocent prank.”

Vienna (Virginia) ‘Gallon-Smashing Prank’ Teens Face Charges

“Anti-North Korea Web sites operated by defectors living in South Korea experience what is described as a coordinated cyberattack which caused their servers to crash simultaneously.”

North Korean defector sites report planned cyberattack


New film on cyberbullying aims to educate schools and students on the problem of cyberbullying. “Over eighty private screenings have been requested by schools and youth organizations from across the country and Canada.”

SUBMIT a Groundbreaking Cyberbullying Film

Law and Order.

The homeowner is being defended by noted first amendment attorney, Marc Randazza, who has championed free speech for many a blogger.  I think this HOA will probably regret having such thin skin…

Florida Homeowner’s Association Sues Resident For Critical Blog Comments, Seeks Identity Of Other Commenters


Ken at Popehat comments on the latest with the Prenda copyright trolls case.

Prenda Law: A Brief Interlude About Being A Judge


Again – that story in yesterday’s Cyber Beat about internet addiction?  Yeah, I think maybe it applies to this dude.

Chinese Gamer Has Spent The Past 6 Years In An Internet Cafe

“The world’s first p-controlled video game.”  Let me just say, if someone is able to relieve himself long enough to enjoy playing this game, I think there may be biological concerns…

Video: Media Company Releases Interactive Video Game-Style Urinals


More news before its upcoming release this Fall.

17 minutes of the new Battlefield 4 will blow you away


“Somehow manages to rise above the seemingly insurmountable hype and deliver the goods.”

Review: BioShock Infinite