Chaffetz: Release ALL the Emails

Chaffetz: Release ALL the Emails

Rep. Jason Chaffetz questioned the release of a mere 100 emails out of 25,000 on Fox News yesterday evening.  He described the emails as a “smidgen”of the documents available pertaining to the Benghazi attack.

Under a growing mountain of scandals, the WH released approximately 100 pages of emails yesterday, many pages were duplicates included in participants’ responses to one another. 

On Fox News last night, Greta Van Sustern asked Congressman Chaffetz: 

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: Why didn’t they release them?

JASON CHAFFETZ: Because they’re embarrassing. This is not the White House saying “look these are classified,” we’re talking about unclassified documents, and still more than eight months later they won’t release them.