'Smart Power' Goes On Vacation

In response to Media buries Egyptian loathing of Barack Obama:

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Regime managed to tee-off both sides in the political upheaval in Egypt. The United States is viewed by the Muslim Brotherhood as a force behind Morsi’s ouster, and viewed by the anti-Morsi forces as Morsi’s enabler.  A more thorough repudiation of Obama’s “smart power” strategy of “leading from behind” I cannot imagine.  

So what was our Secretary of State doing while a major coup was taking place in Egypt, you ask? Well, after Kerry called Morsi and asked, “hey – are you still in power, or what?” he went yachting in Nantucket Sound, although we were assured by the State Department that he was working “all day” on Egypt.

“I would think the secretary of state would interrupt his vacation and at least send a very clear signal — even by flying back to Washington for a day or two — that on our Independence Day we are very concerned about the freedom and democracy that we hope is instilled for some period of time in the Arab World,” said Patrick Griffin, a New Hampshire-based GOP strategist. 

Obama, for his part, sent out a statement threatening to cut off aid to Egypt if the Egyptian armed forces arrest Morsi or any of his Muslim Brotherhood supporters. 

And today, he hit the links for the 129th time of his presidency.