Zimmerman, Tsarnaev, and cultural suicide

In response to A New Low for Rolling Stone magazine:

So let me get this straight: a filthy murderer who unquestionably butchered men, women, and children, as part of a war on Western civilization, gets a dreamboat Rolling Stone cover, fronting a story that tells us how we all “failed” him.  He’s a victim of the society he attacked.  The person reading this magazine is supposed to feel like the monster.

But George Zimmerman, duly acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges by a jury after a tough trial, is still a designated Enemy of the People.  He’s a hate fetish at violent riots.  He, and his family, have to live in seclusion, possibly for the rest of their lives, because his government doesn’t have the guts to tell mob thugs that Zimmerman is under the protection of the three-trillion-dollar Leviathan State, and anyone who makes a move on him is going home in a black bag.  

He’s going to be tried again, and again, and again for the entertainment of the mob.  The prosecutor in his case casually refers to him as a “murderer” after his acquittal, and is not instantly disbarred.  The Attorney General of the United States establishes a national tip line to gather information on possible Zimmerman thoughtcrimes, and is not instantly brought up on charges, or even castigated for wasting the time and money of the American people on a futile pantomime of a show trial.  The news media continues to pump out propaganda they know is not true.  They still call him “white” on occasion, or if they’re feeling charitable, they might admit he “identifies as Hispanic.”  They’re still misinforming their viewers that Zimmerman slipped from the clutches of justice using the Stand Your Ground law, which he never invoked, but it still gets worked into news reports because gun-control nuts hate it ever so much.

Taken together, this reaction to Dzhokar Tsarnaev and George Zimmerman is a recipe for cultural suicide.  The guilty terrorist murderer is idolized as a sweet-faced victim of America’s perpetual social failure.  The innocent man is hounded as an object lesson to all those who dare to defend themselves or their communities.  Lie back and let the Reaper take you, America, for the elite have decided it’s what you deserve.  Many of you are sunk too deep in despair and self-loathing to argue.