Sources: City Will Pay Filthy Filner Legal Fees, Damages in Lawsuit

In exchange for his long awaited exit as Mayor, the city of San Diego will pay Bob Filner’s legal fees and his share of damages in a lawsuit according to anonymous sources.  An estimate puts that amount around several hundred thousand dollars. 

The body count is up to 18, possibly more, women who have alleged Filner groped, licked, squeezed and harassed them. Filner refused to leave office, even as women continued to come forward. Obviously, his resignation was the only bargaining chip he had in his pocket. A lawsuit was filed by Gloria Allred on behalf of her client who was a city employee and Filner’s Communication Director; the City and Filner were both named in the lawsuit. There is no word if there will be more lawsuits forthcoming, but the County Sheriff has set up a hotline especially for Filner victims. 

The San Diego City Council will have to approve whatever agreement was reached between the City and Filner. That vote is expected to come today at 1pm PT in a closed door session.