Egyptians Not Buying Muslim Brotherhood's Christian Scapegoating

Egyptians Not Buying Muslim Brotherhood's Christian Scapegoating

According to Fox News sources, Egyptians are blaming the Muslim Brotherhood for the nation’s violent chaos. “The Muslim Brotherhood has lost all sympathy with their points due to their violence,” said a Long Island, N.Y., Egyptian-American, who is in a Cairo suburb for a family wedding.

An anonymous Coptic Christian described the Cairo suburbs as having “nightly curfews, angry mobs and closed roads that cut off supplies to restaurants and groceries have made his homeland unrecognizable.” Very few people are on the streets after 7pm. 

The violence began to escalate after the Egyptian military took Mohammed Morsi out of power and more than 1,000 people have been killed so far.  According to some in Egypt, the people are “solidly behind the military, which has been criticized by the west for its decisive crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood supporters.” 

“I am Muslim and I am against terrorism and I support the revolution [which ousted Morsi] and I support all the decisions of the Egyptian army forces,” she said.  “We love Egypt so much and we hope the foreign countries stop misunderstanding about us and the situation now in Egypt.”

Even the mosques are having little success at ginning up support for the Brotherhood. 

“Sometimes during Friday prayers, the sheikh wants to push people to support the Muslim Brotherhood, but modern Muslims are dominant and not deceived anymore with fake words that defending the Muslim Brotherhood is defending Islam,” said one man in Cairo. 

A former jihadist and Salafist cleric told MidEast Christian News that the Brotherhood was trying, unsuccessfully, to direct anger to the country’s Christian population.  “The Brotherhood lost everything, politically and economically,” Osama el-Quossi told MCN. “They lost the citizens’ sympathy, so they used religion to gain support of ordinary people.”


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