5-Year-Old Getting Medical Marijuana Card

5-Year-Old Getting Medical Marijuana Card

MESA, Az. – An Arizona couple was given the green light to use medical marijuana to treat their 5-year-old son who suffers from seizures caused by cortical dysplasia, a genetic brain defect. Jennifer and Jacob Welton recently contacted a naturopathic doctor and started the process to administer legal pot. Tuesday they learned their application had been approved. 

The 5-year-old Zander began having seizures when he was nine months old and continues to have them weekly according to his parents. The seizures vary in severity but some cause his body to stiffen and his breathing to stop. In addition, the child suffers from autism which precludes him from any real form of communication. He is able to squeal and grunt but is unable to form words or use hand gestures.

Zander has gone through two brain surgeries, shock therapy and has previously been administered a series of trial and error prescription drugs. His latest medication resulted in minor improvements but made him more combative according to his mother. 

The parents started the process to procure a legal medical marijuana card for Zander after watching news reports that showed disabled kids thriving after using medical marijuana. 

Arizona has three requirements for a minor to be prescribed pot legally: 

They need two doctors to sign off on the treatment, the caregiver needs to be approved for a medical marijuana caregiver’s card and that person has to live with the recipient.

Zander will be medicated with CBD oil drops and his parents will use a syringe to pinpoint the most effective dosage. 

Medical marijuana is not covered by insurance and will cost the couple about $300 a week. They have taken to Facebook to ask for donations. 

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