New Jersey Home Trashed By Wild Turkey

New Jersey Home Trashed By Wild Turkey

(CNN) – Huddled in her bedroom, too afraid to come out, 70-year-old Marie Manco called 911 to report an intruder destroying her New Jersey home…that intruder was a wild turkey which had crashed through a second-floor window. 

Manco:  “A wild turkey came through my skylight and it’s flying around my house right now, destroying everything! I’m in my bedroom, but I’m afraid to come out. I just hear a banging, and it’s just destroying my whole house!” 

Police arrived on scene and confronted the turkey which they described as “one of the biggest birds” they had ever seen. Their first attempt to apprehend it with a blanket proved unsuccessful and the aggressive gobbler fled into the kitchen smashing through a 5-by-5-foot picture window according to police. 

In the end, the turkey left the scene on its own terms leaving an estimated $6,000 to $7,000 in damages including three shattered windows, cracked walls and a trail of feces, broken glass and feathers. 

“I felt violated. And frightened. And I’m still frightened,” Manco told a reporter.

Lt. John Schwartz gave this possible reason for the attack: “It’s mating season for turkeys, and we’re attributing the aggression to that.”

Although there are reports that the native New Jersey turkey turned back to the woman on his way out and simply said “That was for Joey.” A reference to his friend who disappeared last November.

Authorities are still trying to figure out what it means.