'Breaking Bad' Lego Set Sold Out

'Breaking Bad' Lego Set Sold Out

Now junior can play with his own meth lab with the all new lego brick set based on the AMC hit series “Breaking Bad.”

The manufacturer is quick to point out that they are an independent toy designer not affiliated in any official way with the Lego company.

Bummed out that your favorite show is going off the air? Well soothe yourself with the Citizen Brick Superlab Playset. Who knows what fun you’ll cook up with this deluxe set, chock full of realistic details, and three exclusive minifigs! Over 500 parts!

Please note: Due to the sheer awesomeness of this building set, please allow added time for delivery. Sets ship approximately 2-3 weeks after time of purchase.

This set is a product of Citizen Brick, and is not sponsored, authorized or endorsed by the LEGO Group, owners of the registered LEGO(R) trademark.

The set features a replica of the mobile meth unit RV seen in the series, complete with toxic meth smoke billowing from the skylight.

The set is currently sold out despite the eye-popping retail price of $250.  There appears to be a certain level of hysteria over the appropriateness of a “Breaking Bad” meth lab “toy” for children, but let’s be clear, this isn’t meant for kids and kids aren’t buying it. This, just like many other Lego toys, are ultimately meant for adult fans who like to get their geek on. I mean really, how many 8-year-olds are putting together the 3,800 piece Lego Death Star for the price of $470.00?