Thousands of Fish Dead After Molasses Spill

Thousands of Fish Dead After Molasses Spill

HONOLULU – Experts say a massive molasses spill is responsible for a steady stream of dead fish littering the waters of Honolulu Harbor. They also believe it could take weeks for the nearly three-million pound spill to break up and disappear. Currents are reportedly pushing most of the spill into the harbor and the Keehi Lagoon where the stench of rotting sea creatures fills the air, and bloated bobbing fish litter the waters. 

William Aila, the director of the Department of Land and Natural Resources said, “That’s a lot of sugar in the water, and one of the things we’re concerned about is an algal bloom or bacteria bloom. That’s why we’re cautioning people not to consume any of the fish caught in the affected areas.”

According Aila, they have seen no signs of blooms as of yet nor have they witnessed increased numbers of sharks coming to feed on the floating fish.